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Embrace You To Awaken God In You

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

People always talk about changing themselves. And when we seem to become a subject of concern to others, they recommend that we change.

But one thing we came to realize is that man came from perfection--GOD--and perfection cannot create anything lesser than itself.

Through painful life's events and genetically transferable tendencies, we may carry within our brain some imperfections. But the truth is, we are not the brain.

We are spirits carrying within us the image (nature) and the likeness (attributes) of God-our creator. By thinking, feeling, and speaking our perfection--though it feels weird in the beginning due to previous mental programming--we have realized the real magic of the awakening of our Divine True Self: Christ, from within.

And by teaching others to do the same mental, emotional, and verbal confession of perfection, we have seen lives and relationships restored. "Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect." Jesus Christ (Matthew 5: 48). Embrace Your Perfection.

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